The New REL KR140 Viscometer


For measuring viscosity in the Alternative Ranges of, 40KU to 140KU, 35gms to 1150gms and 150 to 4000 centipoises.

This viscometer is simple to use and its operation is based upon the specification of ASTM D562.

With the spindle rotating at 200rpm and a paddle conforming to the ASTM D562 specification, the unit measures the power to maintain the spindle at 200rpm when the paddle is immersed in the sample.

A digital display shows the reading, selected in either Kreb Units, grams or centipoises.

This is an ideal instrument for use in the measurement of Paints and Coatings.


(Viscosity Range Choice of Three)

  1. Kreb Units 40 to 140
  2. Weight 35 to 1150grams
  3. Centipoises 150 to 4000

Spindle speed 200rpm ±0.2rpm
Resolution O.1 KU
1.0 gram
1.0 centipoise

Accuracy ± 1.0% of full scale
Power 220v/50Hz
Power Consumption 20 watts
Weight 4.3 Kgms